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Baby Toy and Swaddle Gift Set

Baby Toy and Swaddle Gift Set

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Product Description:

Embark on the joyous journey of parenthood with our exquisite Baby Gift Set, thoughtfully curated to bring smiles to both little ones and parents. This set encompasses essential items designed to enhance the early experiences of your newborn.

Key Features:

  1. Gentle Hair Brush: The set includes a soft hairbrush specifically crafted for your baby's delicate hair, providing a soothing experience for their sensitive scalp and preventing cradle cap.

  2. Engaging Rattle: Designed for tiny fingertips, the included rattle ensures delightful playtime, keeping your little one entertained while fostering the development of hand-eye coordination skills.

  3. Comfortable Swaddle: Wrap your bundle of joy in the warmth of our comfortable swaddle, offering a secure and cozy embrace that mimics the soothing feeling of the womb.

  4. Memorable Moments: Capture and cherish the special moments with the included picture frame, a timeless keepsake to preserve the early memories of your little one.


  • Weight: 250g

Celebrate the beginning of this beautiful journey with the Baby Gift Set. Each item is meticulously chosen to add comfort, joy, and precious memories to the early days of parenthood. Embrace the sweetness of these moments and create a cherished bond with your little one. Order now to welcome your newborn with love and care.

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