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Jigsaw Puzzle 3D Model Woodcraft Kit

Jigsaw Puzzle 3D Model Woodcraft Kit

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Unleash your creativity and sharpen your mind with our captivating Jigsaw Puzzle 3D Model Woodcraft Kit. These puzzles serve as more than just engaging activities – they enhance mental acuity, refine fine motor skills, and inspire creative thinking. Beyond their cognitive benefits, these puzzles make for meaningful mementos for travelers and stylish decor for any home.


  • Laser Cutting: Precision-cut pieces for a seamless assembly experience.
  • High-Quality Wood: Crafted from excellent-quality unpainted wood.
  • Customization Possibility: The product may be painted by crafters, allowing for personalization.
  • Clear Instructions: 3D instructions conveniently printed on the back for easy reference.


  1. Read Carefully: Prioritize reading the instructions thoroughly before assembly.
  2. Piece Preparation: Push out each pre-stamped piece carefully.
  3. Surface Smoothing: Use the enclosed sandpaper to smooth all rough edges before assembly.
  4. Planning: Get a general idea of where each part goes.
  5. Assembly: Pick up two pieces that correspond based on numbers and assemble.
  6. Secure Joints: If connecting joints are loose, the use of glue is recommended.


  • Recommend Age: 14 years and above.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Puzzle Style: 3D Puzzle.
  • Warning: Prohibit Swallowing.
  • Certification: CE (Conformité Européene).
  • Style: Construction.
  • Quantity of Wood: 7 sheets/set.
  • Assembly Parts: 100-300 pieces, varying with design.
  • Assembly Size: 28.7x12x22cm, varying with design.

Indulge in the world of immersive 3D puzzles, designed to entertain, challenge, and adorn your living space. Elevate your leisure time with this intricately crafted Jigsaw Puzzle 3D Model Woodcraft Kit, offering endless hours of enjoyment and cognitive stimulation.