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Natural Stone Energy Crystal Wand Set

Natural Stone Energy Crystal Wand Set

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Learn to use natural stones that are hand made into pointed crystal wands for beneficial purposes.

The pointed end of the crystal wand draws and channels energy inward or outward depending how you position the wand.  The single terminated crystal wand is excellent for meditation, healing, grounding, yoga chakra balancing and energy transmission.  As a combination, all the crystals are used to maintain balance and create inner peace. A rare collection of crystal ornaments add a spiritual ambiance to home, studio and office decor and make a very special gift.

Due to the nature of the crystals being hand made from 100% natural stone, please accept variations in wand dimensions, shape, color, inclusions, and crystal transparency. The pictures displayed are for reference only, each natural crystal wand you receive is unique and is the only one like it in the world.

Size: Each crystal is 4-5cm long and the box is 17x8x3.5cm

Weight: About 260 grams

Care: Do not put crystals in hot water

Note: There may be slight differences in the color and size of crystals