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Pure Natural Silk Filled Pillow and Cover

Pure Natural Silk Filled Pillow and Cover

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Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort with silk-filled pillows. Immerse yourself in the exquisite quality of these pillows, meticulously crafted with silk floss to ensure the perfect balance of fluffiness, volume, and heat insulation. Naturally hypoallergenic and thermally adjusting, silk pillows offer unparalleled comfort regardless of weather conditions, providing you with a sound night's sleep and a refreshed morning.

Silk pillows aren't just for sleep; they're the secret to beauty sleep. Keep your hair looking impeccably styled and your skin soft and less wrinkled.

Our silk shell, made from renowned 19 Momme long-strand silk with a thread count of 400, boasts excellent breathability and heat-insulating properties. The silk floss filling is securely tacked to the inside edge of the cover, preventing displacement and ensuring a consistently plush feel. For your peace of mind, a side zipper allows you to inspect the silk floss filling, confirming the authenticity of our premium silk.


  • Filling: 100% Silk
  • Outer Cover: 100% Silk
  • Use: Bedding
  • Thread Count: 400TC
  • Weight: 1.1-2.2 pounds
  • Fabric Count: 80
  • Grade: A
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Quantity: One Piece


  • Anti-Apnea
  • Therapy
  • Memory
  • Cooling
  • Anti-Static


  • Cover Fabric: 100% 19 Momme natural long-strand silk
  • Filling: 100% pure and natural long-strand silk floss
  • Side Zipper: Small zipper on the side
  • Shell Color: Ivory/White

Indulge in the unparalleled luxury of silk-filled pillows—your gateway to a world of comfort and beauty sleep. Elevate your sleep experience and wake up feeling rejuvenated each morning.

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